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Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Year in the New Garden

Veggie Patch:
11-28 April: De-stoned and mucked
9-10 May: Topsoil added
13-14 May: Potatoes planted
1-Aug: First tasting
1-Oct: Dug up another two rows and dug over the soil. Still got 3 rows to harvest...

Herb Patch:
9 May: De-stoned
10-May: Topsoil added
9-Jun: First herbs planted
7-Jul: Lavenders planted
4-Oct: Weeded again...

2-May - 12-Sep: De-stoned
15-16 Sep: Weeded and dug over again
22-Sep: Muck added
22-23 Sep: Started digging out bed on north facing wall for a cherry tree. This may not happen as I have hit sandstone not far below the surface, so will depend on how much I can actually dig out...

Raised Planters:
9-14 May: Topsoil loaded
10-11 May: Lettuces planted
24-25 May: Cabbages, cauliflowers and onions planted
Been weeded multiple times and needs doing again...

LB extension:
<-LB12 6 months ago/now->

Planting has started on the lower half of LB9-LB11.

All bulbs are now in.

LB8 is still untouched other than multiple weedkiller sprayings.

Roll on next spring...

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