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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It is With Great Sadness

that I decided the time had come (well, actually was well overdue) to throw my best value ever shoes in the dustbin.

I can't remember when I bought them but I would guess at least seven years ago.

I can, however, remember buying them. We had taken my mother out on a garden centre/shopping trip and had ended up in Matalan near Ramsgate. Four pounds the ticket said. I had to get a Matalan card to buy them, along with a pair of trainers that I am wearing as I type. When we got to the checkout they were rung up as two pounds.

Alvin Hall would be proud of me on his 'cost per wear' scale. May even have set a world record...

I can't express how much I loved those shoes. Great for driving in. Worn most days for the dog walks the first couple of years up here. Latterly assigned as my gardening shoes although they still had the occasional outing in the car and with the dogs.

But they were beginning to fall apart, and a shoe shopping spree at the end of last week means I now have replacements although they have a tough act to follow.

I thought they deserved a eulogy and to be photographed for posterity before I assigned them to the dustbin.

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Anonymous said...

Have you considered using the old shoes as a planter in your garden. With no encouragement they may produce a cheese plant. D.S.

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