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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Extension Part 25

No-one was here when we took the dogs out this morning.

About half an hour after we got back Tom senior (I have been corrected - plain Tom, Tom senior being his dad, as opposed to Thomas, his son and the joiner. We get lost as there are at least 4 generations of Tom/Thomas's) arrived to tell us that unfortunately flu has stopped play.

Work should start again on January 5th 2009 - hangovers, weather and health permitting - and it should be all speed ahead to get the job completed by the spring.


Anonymous said...

Flu!!!!? If they have flu they would not be fit to come out of their bed. I had it 30+ years ago and once is enough.

Hels said...

Whether it is actually flu or merely a bad cold (aka man-flu) I don't know, but whatever it is they are not well enough to come and fit the windows.
I will start a book as to whether work will be completed within a year of the start date :)

Henry Yeo said...

is it snowing there yet? we want photos!!!!!

Huttonian said...

We seem to be having better luck than you. It may even be FINISHED this week. It May

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