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Monday, November 24, 2008

Cardbox 33000

I passed the 33000 question post this morning - 33036 to be precise.

I decided to concentrate on suffixes. OID, AGE, ATE, ITE... Some may be quite low probability but it feels like tying up loose ends (excuse the pun).

I have also, as a separate exercise, spent some time on a very weak area - 6 letter blockers. This area still needs a lot more work but I have now created my own subset of 'non-obvious' blockers so it looks a lot more manageable.


Henry Yeo said...

so when will you be flying into bangkok?

Hels said...

I depart on Thursday afternoon so should have enough time to recover from any jetlag before the tourney.

Henry Yeo said...

now that Bangkok airport has been blockade, how will you guys plan your trip now?

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