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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Extension Part 5 - The Start of the Beginning

The building warrant has now been issued. Building control have been very helpful regarding our drainage.

Alan came round on Monday morning to check the levels for the grey water drain. We then found that the rodding point we thought was for the septic tank was actually just for rainwater. There was another rodding point further up the garden - this was also for rainwater. Eventually Paul remembered there was a manhole underneath one of the large wooden plant tubs the previous owners had left. Eureka!

Alan was still concerned we would not get the drop as it was a little further away. We got out the drawing Craig had given us and he had drawn the drain going under the new corridor coming out of the sitting room which was much closer to the house than Alan had measured - it was all going to work. Phew...

We moved all the furniture etc. that was at the back of the sitting room on Tuesday. Jen and Poncho quite enjoyed the expanded space they had for a couple of days.

Today Alan and another chap came to start preparing for knocking through from the sitting room. It should all kick off for real on Monday morning.

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