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Friday, September 07, 2007

Doggy Post

This post is for my friend Jackie who recently complained that there were not enough photos of the dogs in my blog. It is a little delayed as my old laptop went to the place old laptops go when they refuse to boot up. My shiny new one arrived on Monday. I installed my photo software yesterday and had a few problems but eventually got it working. Then Paul said he had found an updated version for Windows Vista. I uninstalled the old version and downloaded the new version and it didn't work... Paul took over and did it all over again. It still didn't work... This morning he tracked the problem down to the device driver for my camera and then found that as my camera is so old there is no new device driver available for it. I uninstalled everything again and went back to what I had originally installed...

Well here they are enjoying rawhide bone treats. These were good value - it took Poncho an hour to eat his. Jen was still going over an hour later. At gone 11 p.m. she got up when she decided it was time to go out for the late night pee break, and then finished it when we got back.

Poncho and Jen were given a 'bath' last week. They are both so well behaved - they just stand there while they have water sponged over them, shampooed and then rinsed off. Poncho just loves the rub down with a towel afterwards.

When they had dried off I went over them both with their grooming gloves. A lot of old dead hair came out, and their coats are now beautifully shiny and silky.

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