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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Garden Report 2007 - 4

We have had a few very warm days for the time of year with temperatures getting into double figures, but the last two nights the temperature has dropped to give overnight frosts. I am still amazed by the number of stars we can see here, and the fact that on clear nights the moonlight is so bright that we don't need a torch and actually cast shadows.

On one of the mild days I had my first session of the year weeding the long bank, starting at the house end for a change. I got about two thirds along the bottom of it before I called it a day.

Not much has changed on the 'what's flowering' front. The only newcomer to the list are the crocuses - mainly the ones in one of the tubs, and a couple in the long bank. I noticed the first one at the end of January!

There are a few plants making a comeback - namely the winter aconites appear to have rallied and one of the cyclamen has decided to flower again.

The hellebores are still going strong, and I think are looking even better than before.

The lupin seedlings that I planted at intervals alongside the drive in the long bank appear to have survived, as strong growth is already coming through.

More snowdrops are appearing daily, and I now have several clumps in the long bank, mainly in the rockery area as well as the high bank being covered with them. They grow wild all around here, and the hedgerows are now looking very pretty with the underplanting carpets of white.


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