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Monday, December 18, 2006

Poncho On The Mend

I took Poncho back to the vet on Friday evening for his bandage to be removed. He had been very well behaved and not attempted to chew it off himself.

There was a spaniel in the waiting room when we arrived. I allowed Poncho to say hello, and he was very good - just sniffing noses and tail wagging enthusiastically. Just after the spaniel was taken in to the treatment room a man came in with three small terriers. This was not quite so successful. A series of growls and barks ensued from all parties. The man decided that he would come back later...

The vet removed the bandage and cleaned up his foot. They had had to remove the stone from between his toes and have shaved his foot. It looks very sore. I got shown the x-rays - they showed nothing wrong other than the first stages of arthritis in his ankle and the small stone in his foot, so they hope that that was the problem. If it is muscular or a ligament it could take weeks to get better.

It does, however, appear to be what the problem was which is a relief. He is walking a lot better now, although we have not done any long walks yet. There was a slight set back yesterday when a hare suddenly ran out barely two yards in front of us, causing great excitement and leaps in the air. He may have re-opened the wound as he spent a lot of time lovingly licking his paw when we got home.

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Anonymous said...

My neighbour took her dog which is a golden labrador that answers to the name of Douglas to the vets in Helensburgh 2 weeks ago . The vets name is Douglas Craig. So I am given to understand that she got a lot of odd looks from the people in the waiting room when she left the surgery as she had been shouting at the dog such things as Stop it Douglas ! and Behave yourself Douglas! etc.That is her story as to what was going on behind closed doors and she is sticking to it.She is expecting next year. Colin

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