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Friday, August 11, 2006

Paul's Birthday

It was Paul's birthday yesterday. He is always a pain when it comes to birthdays. I ask him what he wants and he always replies "Nothing". I do not believe that you can have 'nothing' for your birthday.

This year, however, he almost got his wish as I had had no chance to go shopping until the day before, and the weather was not conducive to going into Berwick. In the early afternoon it improved so I ventured out. I sort of complied with his wish in the fact that he didn't get much - cheapest birthday ever.

Every day when we go out with the dogs Paul checks the temperature. Our old thermometer was broken as it would not reset for the min/max temperatures, so that was present number one sorted. I also got him the best of Nina Simone CD and a small birthday cake. Terry Pratchett has let me down this year - normally he has published a new book at the start of August...

I suggested we went out to eat in the evening after walking the dogs. We duly set off to try the Allanton Inn. When we got there it was full. The landlord was very helpful and suggested we tried the pub at Paxton, and phoned them for us to check if they had a table. They had, so off we went. I had been in the pub before so knew that they had won awards for their food. They had an excellent menu, and we would certainly go back. We have also been warned for future reference that most places stop taking orders at 8.30 p.m. No more southern eating out habits for us now we are country folk.

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